Unique properties of Hydrogen -
the main Source of Health at the cellular level.

hydrogen medicine 2020

Having studied the accumulated international experience about the therapeutic properties of Hydrogen, in January 2020. The President of the Foundation Vladislav Tsikunov has created a new direction – HYDROGEN MEDICINE (HM)*.

Within the framework of this project, a unique equipment was created – the Antioxidant Microclimate System (SAM) **. This equipment has good prerequisites for the treatment of cancer, coronavirus infection COVID-19 and its consequences, and others.

At the moment, the Fund is looking for investments for clinical trials and certification of this equipment.

* HM – a system of scientific knowledge and therapeutical practice of using Hydrogen for promotion and preservation of health at the cellular level.

** Integrated hydrogen generation system for saturation of water and inhaled air (compressor inhaler) 

Antioxidant Microclimate Systems (SAM)

SAM is easily integrated with various types of medical equipment and includes two modules:

  • Hydrogen saturator for drinking water
  • Hydrogen compressor inhaler for inhaled air

Both modes are enabled by simply tapping the icons on the touch screen. At the same time, SAM allows you to track the history of use, and issue recommendations on the duration of the course of therapeutic procedures. The system has good performance and can be used for Hydrogen baths, whirlpools*.

* – additional module required

effectiveness of hydrogen inhalation


   An accelerated therapeutic effect from the effect of Hydrogen on the human body is achieved by using a compressor inhaler (mask) for inhaled air. Hydrogen, due to the small size of the molecule, has a huge diffusing ability, and easily penetrates through cell membranes. By neutralizing free radicals, Hydrogen enhances the effect of electrostatic repulsion of erythrocytes. Due to this effect, the specific function of erythrocytes increases many times – the transport of oxygen and the removal of carbon dioxide from the body. This, in turn, increases metabolism, and enhances the action of the immune system.

   Such a mechanism of the positive effect of Hydrogen on the blood can become an effective way to treat oncological and cardiovascular diseases, coronavirus infection COVID-19 and its consequences, and others.

efficiency of hydrogen saturation of water

The slides show the state of the blood BEFORE and AFTER drinking water saturated with Hydrogen. The volume of water used is 600 ml (ORP – 430 mV, pH 7.5). At the same time, the effect of electrostatic repulsion-spreading of erythrocytes is clearly visible on the slides. This effect increases the transport function of erythrocytes (inflow of O2 and removal of CO2), this significantly accelerates metabolic processes, and also strengthens the body’s immune system.

The oxidative stress

The oxidative stress is a process of cell damage as a result of impact of free radicals.

The free radicals are the molecular particles featuring one or several unpaired electrons at the external electron shell, which make them especially active and “aggressive”. Such molecules seek to return a missing electron back by taking it away from the surrounding molecules.

Free radicals (FR) destructive effect on a cell:

  1. The FR getting accumulated in mitochondria damage not only the mitochondrial DNA, but also attack the cellular membrane from inside providing for easy entrance for destructive ferments and contaminants.
  2. By destroying the nucleus membrane FR harm the nuclear DNA (mutation of genetic code).
  3. FR destroy the membranes of lysosomes. In case of lysosome membrane destruction the ferments penetrate the cytoplasm and cause cell dissolution.

Classification of free RADICALS

major sources of free radicals

Antioxidant Properties of Hydrogen

HYDROGEN is the best anti-oxidant, since it forms water only by fixing the oxidative radicals, unlike other anti-oxidants featuring intricate chemical formula.

Water saturated with hydrogen performs one more positive function. Tap water or bottled water feature a positive oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) at the level from +100 to +400 mV, which means that it has insufficient electrons and a human body makes up for this lack of water, passing on electrons from the structures of body cells.

The membranes of body cells, blood, as well as human organs feature negative ORP in case of normal functioning. Therefore, it is necessary to use water with negative ORP, in which case it does not assimilate electrons from the body, but alternatively it is the source thereof. The cell membrane features negative ORP in the range of -150 to -200 mV and the use of water with such potential or with even more negative one improves metabolic processes at the cellular level that brings about the normalization of  metabolic processes of the entire body!

Therapeutic properties of negatively charged hydrogen (NCH)

Clinical improvements from drinking hydrogenated water over a 15-year period:

  1. Reduction of sugar level in blood with pancreatic diabetes;
  2. Improvement of peripheric circulation with diabetic gangrene;
  3. Reduction of uric acid level with uratic arthritis;
  4. Improvement of lever function with liver diseases, liver cirrhosis, hepatites;
  5. Improvement with gastroduodenal ulcer disease, prevention of relapses;
  6. Reduction of cholesterin level, prevention of hypertonia, stenocardia and myocardial infraction;
  7. State improvement with atopic dermatitis, urticaria fever and asthma;
  8. State improvement with autoimmune diseases; rheumatism, collagenoses;
  9. State improvement with such specific deceases as Grohn’s disease and Behcet’s disease, ulcerative colitis and Kawasaki disease;
  10. State improvement with lever malignant growths, hepatomas and metastatic tumors;
  11. State improvement with chronic constipation and diarrhea, as well as permanent diarrhea occurring as a result of partial gastrectomy;
  12. State improvement with hyperbilirubinemia of newborn babies.

Hydrogen-charged water for mums-to-be!

    Experience of women using hydrogenous water during pregnancy:

  • absence of toxicopathy;
  • good and harmonious fetal growth;
  • satisfactory lactogenesis.

unique properties of SAM

  1. The hydrogen-charged water unlike other devices and methods of water enrichment with hydrogen does not feature genotoxic properties;

  2. The hydrogen-charged water is the best anti-oxidant, it fixes the oxidative radicals in catalyst dismissing the consequences of stress situations;

  3. The hydrogen-charged water provides for negative oxidation reduction potential which improves the metabolic processes in the human body at the cellular level;
  4. The hydrogen-charged water provides for increased concentration of light water (water comprising protium, the hydrogen light isotope, the content of heavy water comprising deuterium, the hydrogen heavy isotope, is reduced to a minimum level) in the human body cell;
  5. The hydrogen-charged water at temperature up to 90°С comprises hydrogen in excess of 1,000 ppb, which provides for health-improvement effect;
  6. Only the installations with WHT feature the most efficient antioncologic effect among all water hydrogenation systems existing in the World

In spite of the positive dynamics of getting over cancer this data is insufficient for statistically true (100%) medical conclusion about Hydrogen remedial effect in case of oncology.  Accordingly, it is necessary to expand statistics of therapeutic practice to several thousands of suchlike cases of absolute recovery. It is attained due to establishment and development of the network of centers of hydrogen healthcare with SAM. Therefore, everyone has a chance to join and support our Mission!

Versions hydrogenation water installations

TSV-1 for home use
TSV-2 for office
Water dispensers with video advertising of your content in fitness / business centers, spa salons, sanatoriums, etc.
Vending machines for the sale of Hydrogenated water


  1. Pressure normalization;
  2. Stress reduction;
  3. Memory improvement;
  4. Elimination of headaches;
  5. Reduction of oncology risk;
  6. Reduction of cholesterin level;
  7. Stabilization of sugar in blood;
  8. Elimination of chronic fatigue;
  9. Relaxation of inflammatory processes;
  10. Assistance to body in case of overfatigue;
  11. Normalization of metabolism;
  12. Elimination of excessive weight;
  13. Reduction of wrinkles;
  14. Skin protection against UV rays;
  15. Enhancement of endurance and increase of physical loads;
  16. Prevention of chronic deseases;
  17. Reduction of meteosensitivity, enhancement of immunity;
  18. Enhancement of energy, strengthening of bones and joints;
  19. Quick restoration of forces after sport activities;
  20. Improving the state of problematic face skin;
  21. Reduction of allergic reactions.


  • System capacity exceeds 100 liters per hour;
  • Water is not exposed to electrochemical action;
  • It has no contraindications, there are no restrictions for consumption volume;
  • Water does not change its physical and chemical properties and pH indicator;
  • Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is up to -500 mV.

!!! More than 1,000 works on the impact of hydrogen-charged water on the human body have been published, there is none regarding its harmful or side effect!!!

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS for application and connection

Consumption volume

In order to gain a positive effect, it is recommended to drink at least three glasses of hydrogen-charged water during a day. There are no restrictions regarding consumption volume of hydrogen-charged water.

Storing of hydrogen-charged water

The hydrogen-charged water may be kept in glass bottles with metal cap (it is necessary to fill a bottle to the neck edge). In a week time more than a half of the initial hydrogen volume will remain in the bottle, i.e., water ORP remains in the limits of minus 200-250 mV.